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5 million Americans suffer from Dementia. My mom is one of them. A site for young adult caregivers struggling and coping with "the long goodbye."

Call me bitter, heck, even disgustingly angry; but when I saw this story on my Facebook news feed, then later listened to a report about the study on NPR’s Morning Edition, I rolled my eyes and thought, “Well, DUH!” Caregivers are MORE than aware of the ridiculous costs associated with this dementia care — financially, […]

Alzheimer’s Registry Aims to Wipe Out Disease Originally from AARP Blog and posted by Sally Abrahms What if you could play a part in preventing Alzheimer’s disease? Maybe you can. The Phoenix-based Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI) has established an online registry for those at risk of developing a disease affecting more than 5.4 million Americans. Many signing on are adult sons and […]

Interesting read about the latest news to emerge regarding the possible detection of Alzheimer’s…….. At first I was stoked, now I’m concerned about misdiagnosis and the pain one has to endure just to learn if they have one of the most horrific diseases possible—and with no cure at their disposal or medications that actually do […]

Rules Seek to Expand Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s By Gina Kolata of the New York Times For the first time in 25 years, medical experts are proposing a major change in the criteria for Alzheimer’s disease, part of a new movement to diagnose and, eventually, treat the disease earlier. The new diagnostic guidelines, presented Tuesday at […]

Exciting read in today’s New York Times…………………… Below are just some interesting snippets about misdiagnosis………..the human brain……complete mystery………………even to the best minds in medicine…………. Check out the entire NYT article by clicking on this incredibly long link. Thank you Dr. Daniel Skovronsky!! What I found especially striking was the percentage of people who are MISDIAGNOSED […]

You know, in addition to personal days, we should be given demented days off. Sometimes you need an extra day just to be alone, recharge and not think about it. I’ve been doing this for a while now, you know, being the adult child of a demented parent, so I think I just go through […]

A new study shows that drinking your morning cup of joe—rather three-to-five cups—in your midlife (like in your 50’s, but I’m starting now in my early 30’s) may prevent or delay the onset of dementia/AD. Researchers in Finland and Sweden examined the records of 1,409 people whose coffee drinking habits had been recorded when they […]

FRIDAY, Nov. 28 (HealthDay News)—The adult children of people with the rarer, inherited form of Alzheimer’s disease are being sought for a new study to better understand the biology of the brain disorder. Three hundred adults with a biological parent diagnosed with a known genetic mutation causing the rare, early-onset form of Alzheimer’s are needed […]

I feel like I’ve read this before, but the more info we have about this disease the better, right? According to a new study that came out this month in the Archives of Neurology, “People with a greater ‘cognitive reserve’ suffer less damage from the beta-amyloid plaques in the brain that are a leading marker […]

Caregivers of Spouses with Dementia Enjoy Life Less. ScienceDaily: Spouses of husbands and wives with dementia pay an emotional toll as they care for their ailing spouse. This has prompted a call for new interventions and strategies to assist caregivers in coping with the demands of this difficult time, according to a study from Case […]

Real quick: A new Alzheimer’s drug may be on the horizon… and it could be much more effective than what’s currently on the market: Take a Scottish scientist and a Singapore investor who met because their sons were schoolmates. Add in the accidental discovery that a 100-year-old malaria drug can repair damaged brains. The result […]

Well, it seems my mom was right all along. The woman loves to exercise. She loves going for a good walk, dancing or taking an aerobics class at her adult day care center. Looks like there are some benefits besides the usual keeping her blood pressure in check. From Reuters: Regular exercise good for dementia […]


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