I ate my e-mail

Another challenging conversation with my mother. She often, and what seems like more often than before, mixes up one word with another—over and over and over. It’s like she’s thinking about doing something like e-mailing her sister in Ecuador and then says something like, “I like e-mailing the food,” or “The food has too much e-mail,” or “No, I’m not going to put e-mail in my coffee.” You get my drift.

I think one of the frustrating things about dealing with a demented parent is trying to slip into their world. You just want your parent to be like they used to be. No child of a demented mother or father wants to play the role of parent. It stinks and it’s incredibly heart-breaking, but coping sometimes involves developing strategies, like dipping your big toe into their world even for a quick moment, that may ultimately help you cope. Or maybe not. I’m just blogging about my own experience (my disclaimer).

So, instead of correcting mom repeatedly, like I did and do, I should have just, “si’d” her. It would have saved me the stress and anxiety a typical conversation with mom causes me. Moving forward, my goal is to try to let her say what she says without pulling a repeat-after-me, it’s Cho-le-ste-rol.

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