Who is She?……. Words From a Neighbor’s Daughter

When I was 10, we moved to Los Alamos, NM. A year later, a family from Argentina moved down the street from us—good old 39th Street. Their eldest daughter, Barbara, was 9 and spoke no English. Her lovely mom, Liliana spoke some English and was incredibly social and vibrant….. naturally, my mom was thrilled to have Spanish speakers living right down the street…………. Barbara and I became fast chums, she learned English in 3 (yes 3, maybe less) months and I learned new Argentine phrases (REY BIEN!!!!!! or CHE!!!!!!!!!!)………. Today, Barbara is a lawyer in Argentina and a mother to a gorgeous little girl. Her mother passed away from cancer.

My mom does not remember the Bolmaro family. Barbara remembers her.

Here are her memories of my mom:

I remember a woman who welcomed us with immense generosity into her life. Who was always smiling and was very polite. Who was amused by my city-kid distrust of people. I remember a woman who helped my mother get a job. Who cared for my grandparents qhen they came to visit, who played “canasta” with us. She was always very kind and generous and I´ll always remember her fondly.

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