The Tragic Toll…

Caregivers of Spouses with Dementia Enjoy Life Less.

ScienceDaily: Spouses of husbands and wives with dementia pay an emotional toll as they care for their ailing spouse. This has prompted a call for new interventions and strategies

Caregivers Of Spouses With Dementia Enjoy Life Less

to assist caregivers in coping with the demands of this difficult time, according to a study from Case Western Reserve University’s Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

I rarely write about my dad. I think for him, the weight of caring for my mom and watching her deteriorate takes a toll on a daily basis. It’s easy to judge other people for their inability to cope the way you’d like them to. Thing is, you can’t. Unless you’ve watched your partner go from wife to child, it’s impossible to say how you’d feel, let alone react. My dad and I struggle to stay emotionally afloat. I love my dad so much and it’s devastating as his child to see him have to go through this when my folks should be enjoying their golden years.

Although My Demented Mom is aimed at young adult children of demented parents, I think you have to remember that in many cases, it’s the spouse who also pays dearly. I know for me, it’s tough to support your other healthy parent when you’re in your own dark pit. So, here’s where it’s up to friends and other family to step in and lend a shoulder to cry on.

Dementia does NOT affect just one individual, it affects everyone around us. Just ask my friends.

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