Keeping Tab on the ‘Rents or MIA

Just read a few articles today about people taking advantage of folks with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. PLEASE keep tabs on the ‘rents….. I remember a time when my mom still seemed like she could take care of herself—sort of—and would walk to the supermarket to buy birdseed, then ask strange men for a lift home! We had no idea she was doing this until my dad came home at the same time a man was dropping her off…..

Alz and dementia patients are easily taken advantage of…. please keep tabs on their money, whereabouts and who they interact with. They are so vulnerable and precious.

Some tips:

  • Talk to a lawyer about a financial Power of Attorney. Protect their assets like you would your own!
  • Talk to your neighbors—they may be another set of eyes for you.
  • Visit your local police department and talk to them about fingerprinting your loved one…. Remember, searching for a missing Alz/dementia patient is very different than say a missing child.

News Article….. can we tar and feather this man?
A man accused of trolling Alzheimer’s and dementia support groups for elderly victims was arrested at an Orlando night club on charges that he cheated one of his targets out of more than $300,000.

Flickr pic by Fazen

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