Mom in a Onesie….


Stylish. Fabulous. Simply splendid. Otherwise known as dementia-ware. This look is available only at Buck & Buck for all of your Alzheimer’s and other demented needs……….


  1. Kathy, I’m grateful for your contining connection via your blog as well as your sense of humor, the absurd and/or irony. Also, I’m guessing that’s a picture of you next to your mom.
    Best, Linda

  2. whoops I got so excited for you I forgot to add the link

    BTW primary care givers DO NOT have many rights and almost NO organization… I’m working on a boot camp pamphlet for those who are just now dealing with this early on. I was a total noob 2 years ago

    Contact me any time and get your mom on namenda and axona (axona could really help her)

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