My Demented Mom

More than five million Americans suffer from Dementia. My mom was one of them. A site for young adult caregivers struggling and coping with "the long goodbye."

I don’t tend to get pissed off very often… you know, the kind of pissed-off-rage that suddenly comes over you like a blanket, only to have this urge to hit something (or someone). That feeling or moment came over me last Sunday…………………………. I took my mom to church and although I was prepared — she …

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Good news. I discovered something new about myself. Poop makes me gag. I’m OK with cat poop and I’ve never really experienced baby poop—although, I imagine that mothers have some built-in mechanism to prevent them from vomiting all over their off-spring—but my mother’s poop makes me gag. In the last month or so, I’ve dealt …

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My mom pooped her pants. Actually, it was a tiny accident. She can control her bowels (and her bladder too)…………….. you just have to get her to a bathroom when she has to go—cause let’s face it: When you gots to go, you gots to go. I tried. There was a line. I rushed her …

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