Rock the Vote…. Interview with Sue Henley

I’ve never met Sue Henley, but I respect what she is doing….. and that’s why I wanted to post a quick Q&A with her……. Sue wrote a book. Pretty tremendous accomplishment, to say the least. Certainly not an easy task…. and the topic, well it can gut-wrenching exercise in story telling.

Sue entered a book writing competition and she needs votes in order for her book to be published! Voting ends May 3, so please take a moment to check it out……………. I’m thrilled to support her efforts, after all, as Sue says, knowledge is power and the more people learn about and understand this disease, perhaps the closer we’ll get to finding a way to stop it DEAD in its tracks. Sue, a Spiritual Peace Minister, certified Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, and now author, talks about her new book, Sara—Beyond the Veil, A Spiritual Look at Alzheimer’s Disease, below:

1. What prompted you to write the book?
My Aunt Sara developed Alzheimer’s disease over a couple of years. The last two years, she spent sitting in a wheelchair staring out into somewhere. I always wondered where she was—I felt she had to be somewhere with the love of her life, her husband.

2. How is you book maybe different from some of the books out there about Alzheimer’s?
I believe this book is different because it gives the reader hope that there is life after death, and that it will give them coping skills. Fear is about the unknown. Knowledge is a powerful tool.

3. What is your hope for the book or what do you hope to inspire within the reader?
My hope is that the reader will feel more at peace about what is happening to their loved one, and to them as well.

4. Most challenging part about coping with Alzheimer’s?
The most challenging aspect is having to look at the disease right in the eye, instead of hoping or wishing this wasn’t happening.

5. How about the most satisfying part of writing your book? (besides finishing it)
The most satisfying part about writing this book is that it helps to get the message out, there is more than just what we see here in this life—that there is something greater than what we perceive.

6. What is the most misunderstood aspect of Alzheimer’s/dementia?
I think the most misunderstood aspect is that it changes our loved one in that they respond to us differently. It feels as though we have done something wrong and can’t figure out what happened. Again, knowledge is powerful and if we can truly understand that it is not something we have control over, then we can begin to accept and release the need to control the situation. That is the best way to cope.

7. Top 3 tips for caregivers?
Never ever take anything personally.
Always stay in your heart.
Find support a support group that you can relate to.

8. Top 3 tips for someone who just learned their parent has the disease?
Research is so important.
Never be afraid to ask questions.
Be an advocate for your parent.


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