13.4 MILLION Americans May Develop Alzheimer’s

Found through one of my Twitter peeps. Shocking. Sad. Grotesque.

From TIME Magazine:

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis is a terrifying sentence: a slow deterioration of the mind that entwines a loss of self and life—a misery for both the sufferer and his or her family. More than half of all Americans now know someone with Alzheimer’s; for almost 30% of Americans, that person is a family member. And as Alice Park reports in her probing cover story, the aging of the baby-boomer generation will produce an explosion in the number of patients: by 2050, as many as 13.4 million Americans may be affected.

That means skyrocketing health care costs and incalculable burdens on the daughters, sons and spouses who may have to give up jobs, savings, time and energy to care for loved ones.

One comment

  1. I am really happy that Time did this story and that they did it well. They didn’t try to suggest that we were close to finding a cure or that there is enough funding out there. I also liked that they talked about the caregiver, which is a rarity.

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