Mother’s Day

She wanted to go to church.

I took her.

It was one of our more stressful days.

My 74 year old mother literally dragged me along as she cut, yes CUT, the Communion line.

Friendly tip: Flip flops have zero traction.

Mental note: wear shoes that can dig in.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Slightly belated.

>>Flickr pic from .sussane


  1. Hi, I am 19 years old and my mom has had Frontotemporal Dementia for the last 4 years at least. I just wanted to say that I like reading your blog because I feel like someone else understands what types of struggles my sisters and I have been going through. I feel like I try to explain my feelings to others and no one really gets it. But reading this blog makes me know that there are other people feeling what I feel. Thank you for being able to write what I cannot.

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