Jack Kevorkian & Alzheimer’s Disease

“I have decided for the following reasons to take my own life. This is a decision taken in a normal state of mind and is fully considered. I have Alzheimer’s disease and do not want to let it progress any further. I don’t choose to put my family or myself through the agony of this terrible disease.” ~ Janet Elaine Adkins

Janet asked a retired Michigan pathologist to help her to die.

His name was Jack Kevorkian.

Something to think about.

Should early-stage dementia patients have a choice?

I don’t know the answer.

Some might argue that my mom is not really suffering…… she has no idea what’s going on.

She’s lost in the fog.

And for her, this could never be an option…….. she is incapable of making this kind of choice.

But is it right………… is it humane…………. to let the minds of our loved ones be savagely raped by a disease like AD or FTD?

Something to think about.


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