“Mommy, she’s crazy!”

“Mommy, she’s crazy!”

Words uttered by the little girl sitting behind us at church. Mom loves kids so when she saw the brother and sister with their mom, well, she was overly excited……. as in grab-their-hands-and-ramble-dementia-speak excited. That’s like super excited for her…………….. Needless to say, I think she scared the little girl. Great. My mom is the scary church lady. I mean, I would be scared too if some woman grabbed my hand and kept saying, “Bonita, bonita! Eres la fruta, la fruta, la fruta, la fruta, mi esposa sale de mi!

TRANSLATION: Beautiful, beautiful! You’re the fruit, fruit, the fruit, my husband (or daughter, as in ME, in this scenario) came out of me!

I understand the little girl’s fear, but I also believe in the power of knowledge—at any age. And while it may not have been my place, I turned around and explained that my mom is sick and sometimes she says silly things that don’t always makes sense. I also told her that while she might seem a little scary, she just loves kids and she can’t help it that she forgets things or says silly things.

Her mom finally jumped in and said that her grandma has something similar……………………

Hopefully the next time this little girl sees my mom she won’t be scared—maybe she’ll even take my mom’s hand in hers.

>>Flicker pic by Pink Sherbet


  1. Great story and picture to capture the real fear out in society about Alzheimer’s disease. I’m so glad you talked with the child. Knowledge is power. Kudos for the Mother stepping up and explaining too!

    Keep up the great work Kathy

  2. I’m glad you turned this into a teachable moment–you’re right, people need to understand.

    My mom, on the other hand (recently moved to a nursing home due to dementia) has been loudly pointing out that “That lady (resident) is saying things that aren’t true!” and “That lady isn’t making any sense!” and “Why does she keep saying that? I heard her the first time!” Not much teaching or redirecting there, but I am glad she’s still talking….

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